Winter Camp 2017

December 27th thru 31st

10:00am to 4:00pm

This camp is open to any and all fencers regardless of skill level: Beginners, Recreational, Advanced, and the Nation’s Elite. Groups will be made based on level and age with the Bergen coaches.

Camp activities include: intensive foot work and blade work, fencing strategies and technique, general and special fitness exercises, drills, fencing bouts, fencing videos reviews.

Individual Lessons are available after/before the camp hours upon request.

What To Bring
  • lunch (Bergen will provide water. A refrigerator and microwave are available for personal use)
  • extra T-shirts
  • small towel
  • complete fencing uniform (including under arm protector, knickers and high socks)
  • 2-3 working weapons and body cords

Beginners who don’t have any uniform/equipment will be able to rent or buy it from the club.

We look forward to see you fencing with us!

Click for online registration. Please register by December 25th 2017.