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Oleg Stetsiv


Head Coach Oleg Stetsiv: Saber Coach at Princeton University, an “A”-rated fencer, 5 times NAC Veteran Champion. Oleg also works as a referee, officiating events both in the U.S. and abroad.


Oleg is three times National coach (2 World Championship and one Pan Americans) and has helped several fencers achieve their goals with his outstanding coaching and mentoring combined with years of experience.

S.No. Student Name Achievement
01 Eliza Stone – Olympian Senior World Champion in Team, Bronze medal Senior World Championship, Pan American Championship Gold medal, Pan American Games Gold medal, multiple medals at Senior World Cup
02 Caroline Vloka Junior Team World Champion, Silver Cadet World Championship, Bronze Junior Worlds. NCAA individual Champion.
03 Sage Palmedo Gold and Bronze medal at individual and team World Championship. The winner of all DIV I events in the whole season.
04 Celina Merza Individual and team Silver at Youth Olympics(the only individual women saber medal in the US) , multiple medalist of World Cups and multiple times member of the National team at Cadet and Junior World Championships. Multiple winners of national events at all ages including Senior.
05 Honor Johnson Silver individual and Bronze at Junior World Championship, member of Senior National team. Winner of multiple national events in all ages.
06 Maia Chamberlain NCAA and Ivy’s Champion.
07 Ben Igoe Bronze medal at Gran Prix, member of the Senior national team.
08 Francesca Russo- Olympian Junior World Champion, Cadet Bronze medal at World Championship, Junior and Senior Pan American champion in teams. Two times NCAA individual champion.
09 Mitchel Saron Two times bronze medal at team World Championship, Bronze medal in individual World Championship, Gold medal Cadet World Cup. 3 times member of the National Junior team for the World Championship and one time Senior World Championship. Multiple National champions at different age categories including Senior.

Other members of National teams: Andrew Stetsiv, Sarah Merza, Dawson Sieradzky, Ronald Anglade, Ryan Jenkings, Sammy Roberts. Hundreds of medals at National events and World Cups.